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uncover the past

Polis: Cultural Planning takes special pride in delivering thorough research in order to create the most accurate record and timeline for your building, city, family, house, museum, neighborhood or organization.


remembrance for the future

The best way to preserve and to pass on, is to document. We offer documentation for the built environment and for cultural institutions and events. Services include:

  • Compliance for National Historic Preservation Act 

  • National Register of Historic Places

  • Local Historic Designation

  • Photography & Videography

  • Oral History Interviews

  • Building and Site Sketch


share with the people

Writing history is fun for us, but we also want to ensure you have the best possible blueprint to share your story with others! Services offered include: 

  • Advocacy Awareness

  • Strategic Development Facilitation 

  • Digital Engagement 

  • Exhibit 

  • Historic Interpretation and Media Plans

  • Cultural Heritage Planning

    • Grantwriting

    • Thematic Fundraising

  • Historic Preservation Management Plans

    • Design Guidelines​

    • Development and Infill Recommendations

    • Historic Resource Survey


bringing culture to the people

Successful events require an understanding of how to use the space and how to connect with the people. 

  • Event Coordination

    • Block Party​

    • Permitting 

    • Audio/Visual 

    • Entertainment

  • Thematic Development

  • Fundraising Strategy

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