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100 years of violeta parra: cantos de amor y resistencia.

Polis: Cultural Planning is co-hosting an event to honor Violeta Parra, the "Mother of Latin American Folk" on Saturday, October 21st at Prospero's Bookstore.

Violeta Parra (1917 to 1967) was an exquisitely creative mind and passionate soul, as an ethnomusicologist who sought to preserve the music and traditions of Chile and Latin America. As a poet and songwriter, her words are remembered as the root of the 'Chilean New Song.' And as a visual artist became the first Latin America to present a solo exhibition at the Louvre.

Co-organized by Chilean born, Kansas City-based musician Pablo Sanhueza (KC Latin Jazz All-Stars/Calle Vida) the evening will be organized in two parts:

First) Presentation on the Life & Art of Violeta Parra

Second) Concert by Pablo Sanhueza, bandmates & local guest artists.

Sign into the Facebook event page for more information and buy tickets here!

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